Creating a Network Topology such that you can ping Google, but not Facebook from the same system.

Step 1: The route -n command lists the routing table

  • A default route is a route that takes effect when no other route is available for an IP destination address.
  • It gives a route to a router to forward all incoming packets whose destination network addresses are not available in the routing table.
  • 0.0. 0.0 usually means the default route, i.e. the route which leads to ‘the rest of the Internet instead of somewhere on the local network.

Step 2: ping and

As you can see ping and ping is working and we are able to send and receive packets successfully.

Step 3: Now we will use nslookup command to look up the IP Address of Google and Facebook

Step 4: Now, Delete the default routing rule using command → route del -net

Let’s check, If we can ping google and facebook from our system

As expected, we are not able to ping either of them.

Step 5: But we have to create a setup where we could ping to google but not to facebook. So, we need to modify the routing table using the following command.

Basically, we can achieve this if we add all the IP Address ranges in the Network Netmask of google in the routing table

[As we found earlier using nslookup command the IP address of google is, So the lets create a rule that allows the Network range of]

Step 6: Check again if now we are able to ping and

As you can clearly see that ping is still not working. But ping is working as expected.

So the setup where we could ping to google and not to facebook is successfully created!

That’s all for today! I’ll be back with some new articles very soon, thanks! 🤗

Muhammad Tabish Khanday


Muhammad Tabish Khanday




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